What is Moment Marketing & How Does it help a brand?

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Moment Marketing is a marketing technique that takes advantage of current trending events and moments to create relatable and engaging content. Various brands and businesses use this type of marketing to bring more relevance to their products and services. It’s like picking the right ‘moment’ and capturing it in a quirky yet attractive way. This blog will cover its benefits to a brand with a few best Moment Marketing examples. 

How does Moment Marketing help a Brand?

  • Instant attention of the audience: In today’s tech-savvy world, people love to know trending news online. They always want something exciting and fun on their followed brand pages. That is when Moment Marketing comes in. It will help you catch your audience’s attention instantly and increases your brand visibility.
  • Encourages Conversations
    Today’s audience loves to witness ads or social media posts in a witty way. If the Moment Marketing posts come out well, it creates an urge among them to like and react and be a part of these current trending moments. Hence, increased engagement on social media.
  • Most Shared Posts on Social Media
    Social Media Users post Moment Marketing Posts on their stories and even share them with their friends to fit in the crowd of Being Trendy. Thus, it reaches an even wider audience than one can imagine! All it requires is to understand your audience’s needs better and provide them with exactly what they want with proper strategy.
  • Chance to go viral
    We see so much trendy music, dialogues, creatives, and even reposted funny tweets all over social media. It is because the audience loved it, and they shared it until it went viral. If your Moment Marketing strategy comes out better, then there are chances that it can go viral on many social media platforms.
  • Helps you stay ahead of your competitors.
    Always remember that Moment Marketing is all about taking a moment & seizing it. If you keep an eye on the trends & upcoming global events, it gives your business an upper hand over your competitors.

Some Moment Marketing Examples:

This Post represents the 71st international century by cricketer Virat Kohli in Asia Cup 2022. It perfectly captured the essence of the moment and seized it creatively.

The Brand ‘Nayasa’ produces all the household essentials you’ll ever need. This Post features a fun pun on post-Diwali festivities in an Indian Household.

The Brand ‘Fuze’ produces Healthy & Recyclable Glass Bottles. This Post represents the start of the IPL 2022 indicating the Healthy ‘Partnership’ between players and here the Healthy Filtered Bottles.

Hope you find this article useful. Want to pull off humour out of a real-life situation & use it for Marketing your Brand? We are here for you! Contact us today to know more!